Motorway charging options

At Envevo we are industry leaders in ICP and EV chargepoint installation. Our wide range of commercial services offers businesses an abundance of options when it comes to connection point installation.

Motorway Charging

Envevo has been involved in installing some of the UK’s first motorway charging points, making EV charging accessible when you’re on the go, covering long distances. We are continually working to support the UK’s leading motorway services providers with the latest EV rollout plans.

Detailed design briefs are undertaken to consider the accessibility of these sites whilst delivering the best charging experience for customers using their motorway services.

With these charging points, you can easily take a quick break, and with only 15-30 minutes of charging, you can get well over 100 miles of range from your EV. This is all kept possible through powerful independent connections that power the high-speed charging points.

Why Envevo?

Our accredited and experienced engineers will ensure that your EV charging hub project is properly carried out. 

We have carried out a significant amount of work in this area and can pull from our extensive experience to make sure that your commercial electric charging hub projects are planned, carried out, and finished perfectly. Please see our case study for Gridserve/Moto for further details.