Industrial & Commercial Connection Points

Envevo provides projects in the industrial and commercial sectors with independent connection points as an alternative to the regional DNO.

As a highly experienced and accredited ICP, we can provide you with a smooth and professional connection point installation; including installing all necessary switchgear and equipment up to your meter.

Independent Connection Provider

You may require a new grid connection for industrial or commercial projects, in which case, we can offer you an alternative to the DNO.

Under OFGEM rules of competition, all new electrical connections can be designed and installed by an ICP. As such, Envevo can design and install all connections from LV up to 11kV for any Industrial or Commercial connection.

We can provide you with a substation that meets the requirements for your industrial or commercial build, allowing for the power that is needed for industrial works.

When installing connection points, we will make sure to work with your DNO to ensure that your new independent connection is installed on time and to your specifications. We can also look to have the network adopted by an IDNO to offer additional flexibility in design.

Working With Envevo

Working with Envevo will provide your business with a smooth and effective installation from a team of highly experienced engineers. Working with us gets you:

Reliable Connections

We provide industrial and commercial projects and sites with a new connection that they can rely on.

Professional Services

We offer a comprehensive planning process and will ensure that the work is carried out properly and effectively.

A Multi-Skilled Team

From design and construction works to network connections to providing our own equipment and supplies, Envevo can cover all of your needs with turnkey industrial and commercial connection services.

Completed Industrial Projects

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Connecting Your Project Today

If you require connections for your commercial work to be carried out, contact our expert team of Independent Connection Providers.

We are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industrial, residential, and EV space, and will be able to provide you with an excellent sector and project-specific connection point installation.