Electric Truck Charging Options

At Envevo, we can provide a new electrical connection that will grant you access to your own power supply allowing you to charge electric trucks and pave the way for a greener, cleaner future for transport across the UK.

eTruck Charging

EV charging for trucks can be done on any scale, whether you are a Charge Point Operator looking to add electric vehicle charging infrastructure to your sites or a Depot Manager looking to roll out EV charging stations across your entire depot. Our team of experts are experienced in the development and delivery of these sites from Truckstop service hubs to Local Authority refuse collection charging.


As the UKs leading EV turnkey provider, we deliver an end-to-end solution in partnerships with our clients. We will consult with your operations team to assess your long-term decarbonisation strategy, site space and existing power supply to ensure our in-house team future proof your site at every stage. Our turnkey service provides a transparent workflow from project development to on-site delivery ensuring reliability and longevity for your charging site.

En-route Charging

Electric trucks require access to en-route charging stations while on the road, both short-term high-speed DC charge stations and overnight AC charging capabilities are required to support drivers safely and efficiently transport goods over long distances. Reliable charging locations become part of an eTruck drivers’ delivery route allowing them to accommodate charging around the regimented times of fixed stops. Based on the needs of our client we will advise on load management for your site, considering all options such as a Megawatt Charging System (MCS) for high-speed charging.

Depot Charging

If you are considering electrifying your depot for your fleet, staff and visitors we can support you at each stage. Our in-house teams will consider your unique business needs by understanding your daily schedule, assessing existing power supply and carrying out spacial surveys to deliver a futureproof EV charging site. At Envevo, we also have the experience to determine if combining charging stations with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) would provide the most efficient energy supply for your operations and if necessary, support you through any grant applications.

Why Envevo?

Our accredited and experienced engineers will ensure that your EV charging hub project is properly carried out to the standard required for charging buses.

We have completed a significant amount of work in this area and can pull from our extensive experience to make sure that your EV projects are planned, constructed, and energised perfectly.