Substation Installation Services

Envevo design and build substations to enable your connection to meet all relevant planning and engineering standards. Independent connection points can be used for a wide range of applications, from powering an EV charging hub, to powering residential high-rise buildings. We have designed and built substations all across the UK.

Carrying out these works with Envevo will make a project simple, as we can also offer turnkey services that will see your project through, from the initial connection point planning to its installation and any construction works that are needed.

We can handle the high-voltage engineering works that are designed for your specific requirements.

An Alternative To Your Regional Distribution Network Operator

Those in need of a new electrical connection that requires expert attention to detail and can be installed within a specific timescale will benefit from Envevo’s ICP services.

Envevo’s ICP services are sought after, as we are not just connection point providers, we can help you plan, construct, and install connections with our turnkey services.

Our projects cover planning approval, providing a single POC and legal considerations as well as working alongside the DNO to ensure the installation is feasible and can be carried out on time.

Our ICP Services

Substation installations with Envevo allow you to have connections installed efficiently. We can also offer a turnkey service that will allow for everything to be carried out from a single team, allowing for the smoothest possible installation project. Our process can include:

Connection Point Planning & Design

We are not only able to install an independent connection point, but we can also survey your project for ideal placement, plan the project and then carry out all construction and electrical works required in their entirety.

Bespoke Connections

Our substations can be tailored to your requirements, whether that is for EV charging, or to power high-rise residential buildings in line with BNO regulations

Substantial Installations

Larger projects that require any substantial work or construction to support the substation can be handled entirely by the multi-skilled, accredited Envevo team.

Carry Out Your ICP Project With The Experts

If you want to ensure that your substation installation service is of the highest standard, work with us as many others like the Shell and  BP Pulse have.

We can guarantee you an excellent customer experience, the smoothest possible project, and a reliable and powerful grid connection point once finished. Connection point installation works can be both costly and time-consuming, but with us, you can get the whole turnkey service that leaves the project in the hands of our multi-skilled and experienced team.