New Electrical Connections

If you are in need of new electrical connections, the team here at Envevo can provide professional, sector-specific, and even turnkey services.

We can offer specialist connection installations for commercial use, EV charging, or for a high-rise building.

Connection Point Installation

We can provide a new connection that has been designed and built for all matters of projects, whatever your requirements are.

We will manage the interface with the DNO to make sure that your connection is properly and effectively installed.

We can also source an appropriate IDNO, who will manage your connection point while providing flexibility in design.

Grid Connections

We offer new electrical grid connections that can be used for just some of the following applications:

Residential Projects

Whether it’s a housing project or a campus of high-rise buildings, we can provide a connection that is designed to suit all your residential requirements.

Industrial & Commercial Projects

We can provide a grid connection to suit all aspects of your project whether it be a one-off building or factory, up to new commercial retail parks and beyond.

EV Projects

Our EV services can power ultra-fast charging hubs, and we can carry out entire projects from planning to charger installation.

Experienced Principal Contractors

We have extensive experience as principal contractors, providing turnkey projects that see installations through in their entirety. 

We can cover everything, from planning, site design, to installation and all of the construction and engineering work that’s needed to accommodate your new connection.

Our team is accredited and highly skilled to carry out comprehensive connection services that have seen entire EV charging hubs set up and powered with their own independent connection.