Fleet charging options

Here at Envevo we are a leading ICP and EV ChargePoint installer that can handle a full end-to-end installation service for the commercial sector.

Part of the services we offer is the installation of fleet charging connections for a range of commercial needs.

Fleet Charging

Envevo has been supporting large organisations make their transition to EV. We have exemplar projects with Royal Mail and BP where we have demonstrated mass EV rollout across sites to drive down costs and increase the speed of delivery to meet clients’ demands.

Often these sites require extensive surveys to ensure the best design the first time around which is key to the success of a mass rollout.

We can provide power connections for EV charging, ensuring a wide range of vehicles can be charged in a short period of time. We can provide fleet charging to a wide range of fleet operations, from delivery vehicles to construction and heavy-duty EVs.

Why Envevo?

Our accredited and experienced engineers will ensure that your EV charging hub project is properly carried out. We are highly efficient and experienced in the installation of fleet charging connections.

We have completed an abundance of work in this area and can pull from our extensive experience of completed projects to make sure that your commercial electric fleet charging hub projects are planned, managed, and completed to a high standard.