We have provided an ICP Connection for the first Gregg’s drive-thru to be opened in Glasgow.

We installed an Independent Network Operator (IDNO) adopted network which meets all regulations of a statutory undertaker whilst offering flexibility to the client.

The utilities work carried out by Envevo allowed for a smooth installation as we worked closely with the main contractor H B Projects to ensure all coordination and programmes aligned.

Independent Connection Points

ICP services offer a connection that has been installed specifically for your purpose and can be applied to a wide range of services from EV charging to powering busy commercial projects.

ICP services will give you access to a reliable electrical connection, without the worry of unknown programme timescales.

Envevo work with customers to ensure there is a single point of contact so the whole site-wide team has consistent communication.

Our Work

In this instance, we carried out the electrical connection installation. This allowed for the drive-thru to open on time on a very tight delivery programme.

The Envevo team installed an LV (low voltage) independent grid connection that provided up to 90 kVA.

“We worked alongside the regional DNO to safely and efficiently install the new grid connection, and carried out the project in its entirety on time, allowing for the rest of the work needed for opening to be carried out”

Iain RobbEnvevo Project Manager


The drive-thru is now open. It is popular locally and has generated more than 20 new jobs in the local area.

Following the project’s success, Gregg’s is looking to expand their drive-through projects across the UK.