Pod Point provides both domestic and commercial EV charging points across the UK, making it easier to travel in an EV.

We have been helping Pod Point by installing the grid connections required to power their EV charging, and have carried out extensive work with them on a number of projects, covering a number of sectors supporting public bodies through to commercial developers.

Our work together will increase their already extensive EV charging network and will allow for ultra-fast charging hub availability.

Our Projects With Pod Point

We have carried out more than 40 projects with Pod Point, with many more either in progress or planned for the future.

Our ICP and EV hub installation services have been carried out on retail projects, roadside EV charging and for commercial use as well, such as multiple car dealerships, shopping centres, leisure centres, public bodies for EV charging hub projects.

Work Carried Out

  • We carry out turnkey independent connection provider services that allow Pod Point to install their chargepoints easily and efficiently.
  • We liaise with Regional Distribution Network Operators to carry out contestable works so that Pod Point have confidence in their delivery programmes.
  • We help drive value for money for Pod Point by sourcing the best asset values offered by the IDNOs.
  • We carry out the installation to agreed SLAs so Pod Point have confidence in our programme.
  • We have teams based UK wide to ensure consistency of delivery.

Results So Far

Pod Point have seen great success as an EV charging company, with over 5,200+ public charging bays nationally.

They have won multiple awards including a Business Award from the Evening Standard due to their commitment to making nationwide travel more sustainable and accessible.

Moving forward, we aim to continue to provide Pod Point with our comprehensive connection point and EV charging installation services that will allow them to continue to emerge as a leader in the UK’s EV infrastructure.