We have carried out a large number of projects with MFG for many years. They are turning forecourts into ultra-rapid EV charging hubs.

The work that we have carried out for them, of which there have been 38 projects so, involves installing the grid connection (ICP works) that have helped MFG emerge as a leader in EV charging hubs and has won them many awards.

By the end of 2030, MFG intends on having 3,000 ultra-rapid EV chargers across the UK, and the work carried out by our team at Envevo is setting them on the right path to do so.

Project Highlights

Past work carried out by Envevo alongside MFG, in order to facilitate their plans to make EV charging more accessible, includes the following.

Crow Orchard, Wigan

Crow Orchard, located in Wigan, was a project undertaken by Envevo and MFG to turn a forecourt into an EV charging hub.

We helped MFG install independent connection points allowing for 8 ultra-rapid 150kW chargepoints to be installed. Crow Orchard was described as “A very complex construction project”, however with Envevo’s installed, it was delivered on time and on budget.

Following its opening, as the first MFG EV hub located next to a major trunk road, the Crow Orchard charging hubs set a standard for EV forecourt projects moving forward, picking up an award in the process.

Crow Orchard won the Best Alternative Fuels Outlet Award at the 2021 Forecourt Trader Awards in London.

Stretford, Manchester

The Stretford hub in Manchester was the North-West’s first dedicated EV charging hub, opened by MFG in mid-2021.

It featured 8 chargepoints, powered by an independent connection point that we installed, allowing electric vehicles much more range when traveling along the busy A56. As an EV-only charging hub, this is a great example of what’s to come, with EV charging becoming less and less supplemental with an infrastructure that allows for practical daily use of electric vehicles.


As it currently stands, MFG EV Power is the second-best electric car charging hub according to the 2021 Zap-Map user survey. With our support MFG have constructed their sites in a timely and efficient manner, allowing for MFG to progress in their pursuit to make EV charging accessible across the UK.