BP Pulse is the electrical wing of BP, one of the UK’s top energy suppliers. They are looking to make EV charging both practical and accessible.

This means building a wide infrastructure of BP Pulse EV charging hubs across the UK. We have been assisting their expansion and development, by installing independent connections for EV charging.

Our projects with BP Pulse will allow for on-the-go charging for EVs and are being carried out nationwide.

UK-Wide Projects

From Perth in Scotland to London and its surrounding areas, our team at Envevo are working closely with BP Pulse to build an amazing EV charging network. These projects aim to make finding ultra-fast EV charging hubs as easy as finding petrol stations.

We have already carried out ICP and EV installation works across more than 50 locations in the UK, with many more planned moving forward.

ICP and EV Services

We are setting out the foundations so that BP Pulse can install their ultra-fast chargepoints across the UK. 

We provide Independent Connection Provider (ICP) services that will allow the chargers to be independently supplied. This will allow for more ultra-fast chargers to be installed in the future.

The ICP services that we provide make the process simple for BP Pulse, as we can offer a comprehensive ICP service and EV charging installation.

That means that, if needed, we can carry out any of the earthing and construction work that is required to install an independent connection point and can carry your project from beginning to end.

From assisting with planning to working alongside the Distribution Network Operators at BP Pulse sites, we have been able to fully install an independent connection point, and if needed we can also install the EV chargers themselves. 

Building A Better EV Charging Network With BP

The work that we have carried out with BP Pulse, and continue to carry out with them, allows them to be one of the largest EV charging providers in the UK.

Moving forward, we will continue to work with them, installing connections for ultra-fast charging across the UK, making it increasingly manageable to own and use an EV or hybrid on a day-to-day basis.