Shell, a household name in fuel, have been working with us to break into the developing EV charging market.

We are helping them develop their EV charging network in the UK, this is through both EV charging station forecourt projects and EV charging installations for some of their partners like Waitrose.

Mobility For EVs

E-Mobility is committed to developing comprehensive EV charging coverage with charging hubs being installed on Shell forecourts across the UK.

They have set an ambitious plan to expand their EV charging network to more than 500,000 charging points worldwide. We will assist them in this goal with our turnkey connection point services which will power these chargepoints.

Our Work

In order to assist Shell with their global rollout of EV charging points, we work with them on numerous Independent Connection Provider (ICP) projects across the UK. Envevo are embedded into the client’s delivery team and at every stage of the process, we are offering invaluable advice and guidance regarding POCs, site layouts, and load arrangements.

Envevo always strive to deliver best value for Shell ensuring the best customer experience with minimum disruption to their live sites.

We are helping Shell with their UK rollout plans for both Destination and Recharge programmes with over one hundred sites currently in development with us.

Project Outcomes

We have successfully assisted Shell’s E-Mobility in its ongoing mission to increase public EV charging availability. Our connection points have allowed for E-Mobility ultra-rapid charging to become increasingly accessible.

Our ICP work will continue to be an instrumental part of E-Mobility’s UK expansion, which will be carried out across Scotland, England and Wales.