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If you are planning to install EV charging for commercial use, you must meet certain requirements. Often it is a fairly complex project so it is important to make sure everything is set in place before work begins.

This is essential to remain in line with governing bodies, but also to ensure that your commercial EV charging is of a satisfactory standard.

At Envevo, we seek to make EV charging installation projects as simple as possible. To help with that, we have outlined the general requirements that need to be met for a successful project.

A Connection Point

Firstly, you will need a connection point that will provide enough power for EV charging. Often your regional DNO (Distribution Network Operator) will not provide enough power needed for ultra-fast charging points.

This is where ICPs come in. ICPs, or Independent Connection Points, will provide a private connection for your business and are essential if you are in need of commercial EV charging that will be used on a large scale.

Before looking at chargepoints, make sure that your forecourt or planned charging space is able to accommodate an ICP.

You can do this by connecting Independent Connection Providers such as Envevo, as we will be able to survey your desired space for EV charging.

Planning Permission

As commercial EV charging is generally a large project, you will need planning permission, even if you are looking to install EV charging into your own forecourt.

It is important to have a feasible EV charging installation plan that can be installed within the parameters available in the local distribution network and will improve an area’s EV charging infrastructure. 

As EV charging hubs are a large part of the UK and Ireland’s net-zero obligations, they have a good chance of approval so long as a comprehensive plan is provided.

Approved Contractors

These projects need to be carried out by specialist teams with a wider range of accreditations than your typical contractors.

On top of the typical NICEIC and SafeContractor accreditations that are industry standards for electrical work, there are more specific qualifications required.

NERS, for example, allows accredited and competent contractors to install independent connections which offer an alternative to the local DNO.

Here are the accreditations that you will want to look out for when sourcing contractors:

  • PIA
  • NICEIC Approved Contractor
  • Safecontractor
  • SafePQQ
  • NERS

This is the minimum, many services, such as our own, offer these accreditations as well as many others including all ISOs, SSIP, and ENA accreditations.

EV Chargepoints

To top things off, you will need the chargepoints themselves, and requirements will depend on your situation.

For example, while it is not necessary for business or residential EV connection projects, an EV charging hub will require ultra-fast chargepoints so that customers can get their vehicle ready to go in a shorter period of time.

Installations With Envevo

While meeting all of the requirements can feel like a significant and time-consuming project, you can simplify the process by bringing on Envevo. We offer a comprehensive service across the UK that will ensure that you are delivering your projects to the highest standards in a timely manner then Envevo will be on hand to provide a reliable and trustworthy service.

If you want to be certain that you are meeting relevant requirements, work with us to ensure a high standard of project management.

Our aim is to provide a transparent approach to our customers and make projects simple, straightforward, and as effective as possible.