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Commercial electric charging is not quite as simple as installing a wall-mounted chargepoint. It is often an extensive process and involves complex electrical and construction works that need to be carried out before an installation can take place.

As with any project, there are a number of factors that you will need to consider that will influence the cost of EV charging installation. It’s worth considering some of the following points to put together a realistic estimation of what it may cost you.

What You Need

First of all, you will likely require an independent connection, whether you are planning to build an EV charging hub or are looking for some car park EV charging. 

Domestic Network Operator (DNO) connections are often not enough for commercial EV charging usage, and therefore you will need to work with Independent Connection Providers.

They will be able to install a powerful grid in your forecourt, allowing for EV chargers to be powered without disruption to your regional DNO.

You must also consider other specifics, such as what you are intending on charging. This is because the charging requirements for an electric vehicle will differ vastly depending on whether it is a car or, for example, a bus. 

The Scale

Your connection point requirements will depend on the scale of your operation. A residential car park with 2 chargepoints and a charging hub will both have very different costs.

It’s worth considering scale during the planning process as your connection point will have to provide sufficient energy. This can prove to be a costly replacement if you underestimate EV charging requirements. 

It’s worth consulting with experts in order to get a better idea of what amount of power is needed to better inform your ICP and EV installation services.

Its Purpose

If you want to power an EV charging hub, you will need ultra-rapid chargepoints so that customers can get in and out. 

Look into your requirements and whether you need the highest chargepoints, specialist chargepoints, or if residential chargepoints would suffice. This will help you in installing the right independent connection. 


With all of this taken into consideration, you will be looking at a base pay of around £15,000 for an independent connection, chargepoint installation and all of the labor costs included.

Prices can even rise up to over £30,000, or even more for EV power hubs that require a much more extensive framework.

Commercial EV charging chargepoint installation costs can hugely vary, however, it is a worthwhile investment as demand is growing nationwide in order to accommodate the rising number of EVs that are being used in the UK.

Envevo Offers Turnkey Services

Carrying out these projects can involve a wide range of contractors, but with us, you will receive a turnkey service that covers planning, ICP services, and EV charging installation.

As experienced contractors in this area, we are able to offer a comprehensive service that will save you from having to find fair rates with multiple different contractors. Due to our knowledge of EV installation, we will also be able to let you know exactly what you need for a project and how much that will cost.