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Commercial EV charging involves more than just chargepoints. When carrying out a project, you will need to consider the use of your EV charging, and whether you will need an ultra-fast chargepoint or even a custom one.

This can affect the project in its entirety, as your independent connection point will depend on the amount of power that is required for your specific project.

We carry out comprehensive EV projects, so can effectively advise on the connection point that you will require. We can also advise on the chargepoints and connector types that will be needed for your specific charging requirements.

The Connection Point

As a foundation, you will need an independent connection to effectively power your EV charging, which can vary depending on what you require.

For example, 2-3 EV chargers installed in a commercial car park will require a much smaller substation than an EV hub for industrial vehicles.

In order to provide the right charging, you need the right power source. This is why choosing your Independent Connection Provider is as important as choosing the chargepoint that you will be using. 

EV Chargers (Type 1)

Your standard ‘type 1’ EV chargers are a good option for car park charging and residential charging as they offer max range over the period of a few hours. 

There are chargers that can be used while working or shopping and can be installed without much construction work required. 

This option is best suited to businesses that want to improve the infrastructure for EVs, offering charging points as supplemental services, but do not intend on making EV charging the core of their service.

Type 1

Ultra-Fast EV Chargers (Type 2)

Ultra-fast EV charging is essential for EV charging hubs, as potential customers will not have an hour to wait to charge their EV.

This requires a more significant connection point and will also require extensive planning and construction in order to power an entire EV hub without disrupting the mains’ connections.

While these installations are costly, you would likely intend on making EV charging a core part of your business or your business in its entirety.

Type 2

Commercial EV Chargers (Bus & Truck Chargers)

EV charging can also apply to buses and trucks, of which more electric and hybrid models are being produced.

If you are working in an industry that requires commercial vehicles, you will need specialist connections that will offer fast charging so that work in commercial vehicles can be carried out reliably.

Start Your Project With Envevo

We have carried out connection point installations for businesses on every scale, spanning from residential chargers to award-winning EV charging hubs.

If you are unsure what kind of connection point is needed, our team will be able to assist you, as we will be able to recommend a service that is appropriate for the scale and budget of your project.

And with Envevo, the project is straightforward and simple, because we can handle all of your project needs, from your ICP services to chargepoint installation and any construction works that are needed to supplement your EV charging.